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Commercial Rice Steamer makes cooking easier and enables less time consumption. It is available in a wide range and is very easy to use and handle. It provides safe and hassle-free service. It is leak-proof and made available at an affordable price. It can be utilized for cooking a wide variety of dishes. It is highly power efficient.

Main Features:

  • Suitable for use in Restaurants/Hotels
  • Suitable for IT parks, Hospitals, Airport, and Commercial Kitchens where Gas is not available
  • Can cook rice, steam Vegetables, Cook Idlis and do many steam cooking activities.
  • Can retain the heat upto 5 hours even after cooking and the machine is off, due to commercial body insulation.
  • Varients Available 6,  12 and 24 Trays Rice Steamer
  • Cooking Trays Available for Rice Tray along with the machine.
  • Idly Tray available with option of non-stick coating.
  • Also this rice tray can useful for other steam cooking of vegetables, momos and meat.

Product Details:

  • The Electric Rice Steamer comes with a full body Stainless Steel 304 grade and foam insulated body for heat retention for a longer period after cooking process.
  • The trays are made of Stainless Steel 304 grade and it is durable for a longer life; 
  • The Heating tube is made of Stainless steel and is useful for evenly heat.
  • Floating ball inside the water tank below prevent effectively the water level to go below the required level, thus maintaining the required water during heating. 
  • The doors comes with a high grade rubber for retaining the heat inside the electric rice steamer when the doors are closed giving an air tight inside. 

Specification - 6 trays Electric Rice Steamer 

Wattage: 12 KW 

Wattage: Specification

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