1.25 Ltr 110V SAKTHI - Table Top Wet Grinder - USA & CANADA

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Introducing the SOWBAGHYA 1.25 Ltr Sakthi 110V, an exceptional wet grinder meticulously crafted to cater to the culinary needs of households in the USA and Canada. This ingeniously designed kitchen appliance combines the power of innovation, the efficiency of performance, and the convenience of portability, providing an elevated cooking experience for users across North America.

One of the standout features of the Sowbaghya 1.25 Sakthi is its compatibility with the power standards in the USA and Canada. Say goodbye to the need for converters or adapters, as this appliance is tailored to meet the unique electrical requirements of American/Canada households.

Beyond its functional compatibility, the SOWBAGHYA 1.25 Ltr Sakthi boasts a lightweight design, making it a standout in terms of convenience and ease of use. Weighing just right, this wet grinder ensures effortless handling without compromising on its powerful performance. Whether you're an experienced chef or a home cook, the SOWBAGHYA 1.25 Ltr Sakthi brings grinding convenience to your fingertips.

At the heart of this appliance lies a robust motor designed to tackle various grinding tasks with utmost precision. From rice and lentils to spices and herbs, the SOWBAGHYA 1.25 Ltr Sakthi ensures consistent and efficient grinding every time. The powerful motor not only enhances performance but also contributes to the durability of the appliance, making it a reliable companion for your culinary endeavors.

The thoughtful design of the Sowbaghya 1.25 Sakthi extends to its drum capacity, providing ample space for a variety of ingredients. No more worrying about grinding in multiple batches – this wet grinder allows you to prepare generous quantities of batters, pastes, and more without sacrificing efficiency.

Safety is a top priority, and the Sowbaghya 1.25 Sakthi addresses this concern with advanced features. The appliance comes equipped with safety mechanisms to prevent overloading, ensuring both your safety and the long-term health of the grinder. Now, you can focus on your culinary creativity without worrying about operational risks.

Cleaning and maintenance are simplified with the SOWBAGHYA 1.25 Ltr Sakthi's detachable drum and easy-to-clean components. The user-friendly design takes the stress out of post-cooking cleanup, allowing you to enjoy the delicious outcomes of your culinary endeavors without the burden of extensive maintenance.

Versatility is a key aspect of the SOWBAGHYA 1.25 Ltr Sakthi. Its multi-utility drum allows users to switch between different types of grinding with ease. Whether you're preparing traditional dosas, experimenting with contemporary spice blends, or grinding for various culinary creations, this wet grinder is your reliable companion for a diverse range of recipes.

The appliance's compact design further enhances its suitability for modern kitchens, where space is often a premium. The SOWBAGHYA 1.25 Ltr  Sakthi's sleek profile ensures it seamlessly integrates into your kitchen setup, offering powerful performance without monopolizing counter space.

In conclusion, the SOWBAGHYA 1.25 Sakthi 110V stands as a testament to thoughtful engineering, blending practicality with performance. Tailored for use in the USA and Canada, this lightweight wet grinder redefines convenience in the kitchen, promising a seamless and efficient grinding experience for culinary enthusiasts across North America. Elevate your cooking endeavors with the Sowbaghya 1.25 Sakthi – where innovation meets tradition.

Sowbaghya SAKTHI Table Top Wet Grinder is of capacity 1.25ltrs and weights 13Kg. The table top wet grinder takes less space so easy to store and convenient to use.

  • Capacity     : 1.25 Ltr
  • P.M         : 960 R.P.M
  • Voltage     : 220 V Ac 50 Hz / 110 V Ac 60 Hz
  • Lock        : Spring Lock Type
  • Model      : Table Top Model
  • Stone       : 2nos Black Stone
  • Stone Shape : Cylindrical Type
  • Warranty    : 6 Years For Motor / 2 Years For Other Spare Parts
  • Outer Body  : Abs Plastic
  • Attachments :No

Wattage: Specification

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