Useful Tips!!!

We can save electricity if we schedule the grinding process to specific time. It will reduce the depreciation of stone also.
Some people switch on the grinder without adding contents. This should be avoided.
We should not add all contents at once, the contents like rice, pulses etc.. they should be added one by one.
The wet grinder should be placed in an even surface without ups and downs. This will help for smooth grinding process.
When the grinder is running we should not touch the contents for any reason.
We should soak the contents in water before grinding them. If it is not done for required time it will lengthen the time of grinding. The flour will not be smooth. It will increase the power consumption also.
30 minutes grinding will be sufficient for rice and urad dal.
A 1Ltr grinder can grind 1/2 kg of grains. Similarly for 1.5 ltr and two ltr grinder the contents should not exceed 3/4 kg and 1 kg respectively. It will be wrong if we try to add grains exceeding half of the capacity of grinder.
To grind rice, pulses etc., we should use required water. Some people think that using more water will result in more flour which is wrong.
For Idly and Dosa flour it would be advisable to use less share of Urad dal. It can be 1/3 or 1/4.
Before starting the grinding process check whether the grinding stone is connected to its chain properly.
Check for the proper fit of cross arm blade before switching on the grinder.
Wash the stones and inside portion of grinder before and after its use.
Check the screws, bolts, belts etc., regularly to ensure smooth grinding.
No need to use oil or crease frequently.
For any doubts about the grinder contact the Seller.
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