Why does it take long time to grind the contents sometimes?
Few possible reasons can be
  1. The belt may be loose
  2. The grinding stone may not fit into the base stone
  3. The cross arm blade if not fitted properly may cause more grinding time
  4. Required water for the contents grinded may not be used
  5. Soaking of contents for required time before grinding is as important as any other step. If the soaking is not done for required time it may lenghthen the grinding time.
Shall we reduce the depreciation of grinding stone?
If we use the grinder properly the grinding stone will not depreciate for 20 years. Some people try to wash inside the grinder when the grinder is still on. This will cause great deal of depreciation to the grinding stone. we should avoid it.
How long we can operate the grinder continuously?
We can operate the household grinder continuosly to the extent of minimum of 1 hour and maximum of 5 hours. If we exceed this limit it will heat the motor therby leading to repairs.
How should we service the grinder?
Once in 6 months or once in a year we should service the grinder. This will lengthen the life of grinder.
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